Jul 16, 2022

USMC Prayer

 Invocation Prayer
Retirement Ceremony for Gunnery Sergeant Justin Lienemann USMC
Marine Corp Recruitment Depot, San Diego
June 24th 2022

God, creator and sustainer of all that exists. When you unlocked the gates of time, from that first moment of our conception, one by one you called us forth as a son or daughter made in your image, to a place and for a purpose, and into the unfolding of history, not only of this great nation, but of the whole world. 

But your work is never done, you never retire from your duty to sustain, protect and nourish all that is good. And as long as we have breath, neither can we, for your presence, without beginning or end, resonates deep within us. For out of the depths we breathe, we sing and send forth our own music, unique in all creation that even the angels on high pause to listen. 

That we might carry your note faithfully, you embodied yourself, untainted, in our flesh and blood. You taught us a new song, a battle hymn of a new kingdom, a kingdom of your justice and peace, of a restored creation worth fighting and worth dying for. 

You marched, with us and ahead of us, step by step, encouraging us, up and down the ranks, with discipline and with food for the journey, commanding us not to give in to fear or despair, for at our side you keep us in true formation, of body and soul united, so that each of us, one by one, might reflect your power and glory. 

May we always take your lead, listen to your voice, tune the chords of our heart and the breath of our soul to your song even as we march through the blazing heat of the day or through a bitter valley of darkness.

For it is not the beating drum that beckons us forwards in hope, nor the distant echo of the tapps assuring us of true rest from the battle. Instead let it be the sound of your own beating heart Oh merciful God, the eternal song of the Savior’s love and the prayer of a mother for her children that they return home safely. Only then can we all retire, after the final battle is won and a victory celebration begun through Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Father Cávana G. Wallace


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