Apr 23, 2022

Rise Up

 Easter Sunday 

Much has happened in these past few weeks and even during these past days. As a Church we have come together, again and again to proclaim the events of the life, the death and now the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Since Ash Wednesday, and Sunday after Sunday we have been approaching, in a way, the city of Jerusalem. Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, we, so to speak, arrived at its walls with Christ, and entered through its mighty gates. Within it, we recalled how, on Holy Thursday night, Christ initiated the model of how his love would be kept fresh within the Church, the Holy Eucharist and Priesthood. On Good Friday, we studied the dimensions of the cross, reminding us of the length, breadth, height and depths of Christ’s love which showed itself to the whole world in the manner he died. Now, on Easter Sunday, indeed, every Sunday we acknowledge that the man, who was killed on a Friday, rose from the dead on a Sunday and did so by his own hidden power as God. For every Christian, his death and resurrection, both together, (for there is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday) this is at the epicenter of our Faith. (Comp. CCC 126 – 131)

Nearly two thousand years ago, a crowd of witnesses to his death on the Cross and his burial in a nearby tomb, discovered it was now lying empty. So incredible was the mere thought of a resurrection from the death, even the women presumed that his grave was desecrated and his body stolen. But in a few hours into that first day of the week, Sunday, what followed would change the whole course of human history and salvation. 

Even though all but a few of his frightened disciples had abandoned Jesus in his last hours when we was arrested and killed, they were now talking about his Resurrection from the dead; Christ standing physically before them even with the wounds from the nails in his hands and feet. They could not have invented such a story, for such an event was impossible to them, unthinkable. It was clearly a Resurrection from the Dead, not resuscitation back to life. In fact, the Risen Christ scolded them for their lack of faith, if not their limited imagination. After all, before his death, they witnessed his many miracles, even rising others from the dead. 

On that first Good Friday, God experienced death in the most cruel and barbaric manner possible. On that first Easter Sunday, he sends death into its rightful place forever – to Hell. So, Easter Sunday doesn’t just see us celebrating the historical event of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. His Resurrection has cosmic dimensions, sending a mighty wave throughout the whole universe in every direction, even beyond the dimensions of our own human experiences. Only through the gift of faith can a disciple reach out into this new form of life and living, becoming one with Christ so completely, that nothing can interfere or get in the way, even our own death. This is why the Sunday Mass are so crucial. 

It is my prayer that, as disciples, having been granted that gift of faith in the Resurrection of Christ that we many never let go of his hand only to fall into darkness. May every Sunday see our grip on our faith becoming stronger and stronger, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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