Apr 18, 2021

All Good Things Come to a Beginning

Dear friends,

A few days ago, Bishop McElroy called to ask me to accept a new assignment as the pastor of a parish in San Diego beginning July 1st.

I have accepted his invitation and do so with true gratitude for the 20 years I have been pastor here at St. Margaret’s. 

Naturally, I consider Oceanside to be home (and it will always be), with all the blessings, challenges and opportunities God, in His providence, has afforded me. And I am grateful to our Lord for the enduring friendships that I have fostered and the privilege of being invited into so many lives here in North County. 

Of course, I know that for many, this news will come as a bit of a shock and even worry. Don’t let it be. To be a pastor for twenty years in one place is a rare privilege that I have never taken for granted. 

And in a parish community which has served many families who crossed our threshold while passing through, I have been accustomed to welcoming newcomers as well as saying farewell to the many who, while with us have contributed so much to our parish community and with whom I have established deep and enduring friendships. 

To that end, I am truly delighted to welcome St. Margaret’s fourth pastor, Father Bill Kernan. I have known him since my days in the seminary and we have been good friends for 33 years. Some would say we are even “cut from the same cloth”! The below link to his short biography will highlight that he will be an incredible perfect fit for where St. Margaret’s is now. He will arrive here on the 6th of July!

For me, on that same Sunday I will be offering myself as shepherd to the parish community of St. Therese down in San Diego, just north of SDSU. Founded in 1955, my new parish is also a large community with many young families, close to the Marines at Miramar, but it also comes with a parish school community and a well established convent of religious sisters. 

In the meantime, until July, please, please be assured that during the next couple of months, my full attention will be, as it has always been, to this parish.  At the same time I will be ensuring that our next pastor will find a welcome home at St. Margaret’s where I know he will seamlessly carry on the enduring spirit and faithful witness of prayer and worship that has been the hallmark of our parish experience. Some things will never change! For this, I am so grateful to God and for you. 

May Our Blessed Mother continue to always see the face of her Son reflected always in yours.

Father Cávana Wallace



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