Jun 4, 2020

Ready to Come Back?

Dear Friends, 

In heaven, how many days are there in a week? In short, there are no days of the week in heaven, only one day and it’s eternal! That one eternal day (call it what you may) is always “The Lord’s Day”. 

Until there are no restrictions on how many people can attend a Sunday Mass of the Lord’s Day at one given time in the parish church, it will be necessary for the majority of parishioners to freely choose another day if they choose to attend Mass. Of course, every Mass of every day points towards Sunday and every Sunday points towards the uniqueness of the Easter event which radiates across all time and eternity. 

So, as your pastor, leading you slowly and carefully towards the great Day of the Lord when we can all, shepherd and flock, celebrate without fear or restriction during the Holy Mass, here’s the map I’m going to follow. 

So as not to create an environment that will jeopardize public health, nor stifle the holy longing of the faithful to participate in the sacrifice of the Mass, I am asking that you prudently consider the following

Our bishop has been clear that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still suspended until further notice. In other words, it does not reflect poorly upon you if, during this time, you do not attend Sunday Mass. Your own sacrifices carry untold graces. 

If you or anyone in your household is ill or has been in contact with anyone who may have been exposed to a contagion of any kind, please consider your personal responsibility to discuss your responsibilities to the general public with your healthcare provider and/or stay at home. God’s grace will give you perseverance. 

Beginning on Monday, June 8th, St. Margaret’s will offer Mass in the church. Official State guidelines recommend that no more than 100 people be in attendance. Every Mass, including Sunday, will be offered in a very simple form. After Mass, for those who choose to stay, Holy Communion will be offered from the two sides of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. 

Please note, new Mass times (mornings and evenings) during this transition

Monday 6pm
Tuesday 8am
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 8am
Friday 6pm
Saturday at 6pm
Sunday 7:30am (Latin)
Sunday 9:30am
Sunday 11:30am

The parish website has been updated to also reflect new Confession times beginning on Saturday, June 13th

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are genuinely able to attend Mass during the week, please consider a morning or evening weekday Mass. Doing so will allow those who have to work during the week an opportunity to attend a weekend Mass. In other words, if you decide to attend Mass choose which day and time will become your personal Lord’s Day Mass. 

Once again, Mass in public begins on Monday. I am grateful for your patience during these past months. I appreciate the sacrifices you have had to endure. Please join me in giving thanks to a great team - Deacon Chuck, Pam, Anna, Angie and “Brooksi” in the parish office and Claudia working behind the scenes. With the grace of God, we are now able to steer this great ship to safe harbor. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement along the way. We are nearly home. Steady as she goes!

Father Cávana Wallace

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