May 22, 2020

Good News In Sight

The word “ascension” describes an upward and onward motion. 40 days after Easter Sunday, having risen bodily from the dead and showing Himself by surprise at various times to His disciples, Our Lord now continues His upward and onward mission, this time alone, to His place within the heavenly realm outside of our normal spectrum of sight. From Christ’s perspective, He sees the big picture of God’s plan for all time and for the whole world. 

In our present circumstances, the best we can do (to use a shipping metaphor) is have someone climb up the mast to the “crow’s nest'' to see what is beyond the fog and communicate down to the crew any good or bad news. In short, is there any sight of land or do we continue to drift aimlessly?

I am glad to be able to tell you, “I see land! Land ahoy shipmates!”  

Of course, with the encouraging news that we are approaching a day when we can return to a public celebration of Sunday Mass, we still have some work to do. It will take a few weeks to navigate our ship to land. We’ll have to be careful and do so slowly and carefully. And when we get there, not everyone will get to disembark at the same time, even though the excitement of our hidden treasure is waiting for us. 

To that end, I have instructed the parish staff to begin immediate preparations and to form working and dependable teams who will be responsible for

  1. Ensuring that the church building will continue to have all resources at hand to maintain optimal hygiene. 
  2. Offering instructions as necessary regarding necessary social distancing, flow of foot traffic both inside the church and the piazza. 
  3. Providing necessary updated and timely information to parishioners regarding special events, future Mass times and use of parish facilities.

We’re not ready to ascend the Altar of the Lord and light the candles just yet, but it’s in sight. When that day fast approaches, please be patient and await instructions for an orderly return. 

In the meantime, you can still come to the church any day of the week as the doors are open wide from 7am to 4:30pm and the clergy are always around every morning providing the assurances of God’s healing touch, spiritual nourishment and the assurance that Christ, although hidden from our sight, is still very much present. 

Some final words, and very important. The seniors in our immediate neighborhood want me to communicate to you their gratitude for the food baskets. So far, Deacon Chuck and I have been able to deliver food to around 70 homes. Please continue to help in this essential work of charity. Non perishable food donations are still very much welcomed and needed. Continue to keep in your prayers those who are homebound, the sick, those afraid and all the vulnerable who have a special place within the sight of God on high. 

And on the threshold of Memorial Day, our prayers and gratitude are extended to all those who served in our United States Armed Forces and give their lives in the service of our nation. May we never forget the sacrifices they made for the blessings we now enjoy and must never take for granted. Through the mercy of God may they Rest In Peace and one day ascend to where Christ our Lord reigns both now and forever. Amen. 

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