Mar 15, 2020

Time of Testing

Until further notice the clergy of the parish will be overseeing the spiritual needs of St. Margaret’s within the following constraints. 

1. Although unprecedented, all public Sunday and weekday Masses here and in all San Diego county Catholic churches will be suspended until further notice by direction of the Bishop of San Diego. Please follow prudently all health a safety guidelines issues by public health officials when you visit public or common areas.

2. Please be assured that I will be offering a private Mass every day for all our parishioners and in particular to fulfill the intentions of the faithful entrusted to my care.

3. Although some may prefer to watch a Sunday Mass on TV or through the internet as do many of the sick and housebound, If you are able bodied, I would encourage you to switch off your TV, computer or phone and, if heathy enough and taking prudent precautions, to visit the church when it is open. 

4. Until public Mass is restored, if able and prudent to do so, consider coming to the church and spending some quiet time in this sacred place away from the anxiety of the marketplace and media.

Subject to change: On Sundays the church will be open and the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for Adoration from 8:00am to 3pm. 

Subject to change: The Sacrament of Confession will be available on Sundays beginning at 9am until 11am

5. During the weekdays, the church will be open as usual from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

6. Although the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is dispensed during these uncertain times by our Bishop, the obligation to support the upkeep of our church and contribute to its ministries and physical maintenance still remains for us all. 

To that end, please use the online offering link on the parish website to make your usual offering. You can also mail in your envelope. Or when you visit the church please make use of the secure offering boxes at the pamphlet stands in the narthex or at the shrines to the saints around the church who continually support us in our daily works and trails.

7. Check the parish website regularly for updates. Better still, sign up, through the website for regular updates and also as a way we can keep in contact with you by way of encouragement and spiritual support.

8. Reflect on how Christians before us attempted to live and pray during times of persecutions, the days of the catacombs, the penal days, and even during occupations. 

9. Wherever you are, continue to keep the whole day of Sunday always sacred. Pray together as a family, pray the rosary and/or the Stations of the Cross at home. Desire spiritual communion with Christ, and tell Him so and He will be with you. 

10. This is a time of grace. Use the gift of every day to give witness that you have faith in the purifying love of Christ. Let us give personal witness that we are not simply Sunday Christians or “one hour a week Catholics”. Allow this time of testing to be a true Lent and penance and Easter will come in due time in triumph and victory. 

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