Mar 19, 2020

Pray Always

Although watching Mass on TV or through the Internet may provide comfort and assurance, know that you can, wherever you are, fully participate in the official Prayer of the Church through the Liturgy of the Hours. 

Although we have a great treasury of private and devotional prayers such as the Rosary, this Liturgy is the heartbeat of the Church throughout the world fulfilling the Lord’s command to “Pray Aways”. All the world’s priests, deacons, religious and monastics pray this liturgy whether they gather in churches, chapels, homes or at work. It can be prayed in a community, with friends, together as a family or even alone. Doing so, we form not only a network of prayer throughout the world but we all pray together as a Church. 

The Morning Prayer liturgy gives praise to God for His gift of a Day, always anticipating the Resurrection of the dead and all creation renewed. 

The Daytime Prayer liturgy have us quickly reflect the challenges and hardships that we often must endure during the day when we often find ourselves “in the trenches”. 

The Evening Prayer liturgy and vigils, have us look back at our day, remembering with thanksgiving that God was, whether we sensed His presence or not, been with us through every step. 

The Night Prayer liturgy is a sort examination of our souls in preparation for sleep and anticipating our own resurrection into a new and eternal day with all the saint.  

(The Office of Readings liturgy provides an extended invitation for supplemental spiritual reading and mediation to be used at any time.) 

You can follow the Church’s official Liturgy of the Hours for Sunday’s and feast days using the following free resources. 

View, download or print any Sunday or Feast day Liturgy you plan to participate in by clicking on its date. 


04/10/2020--Good Friday
04/11/2020--Holy Saturday
04/12/2020--Easter Sunday
04/13/2020--Monday within the Octave of Easter
04/14/2020--Tuesday within the Octave of Easter
04/15/2020--Wednesday within the Octave of Easter
04/16/2020--Thursday within the Octave of Easter
04/17/2020--Friday within the Octave of Easter
04/18/2020--Saturday within the Octave of Easter
04/19/2020--Second Sunday of Easter

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