Aug 31, 2019

Know your place

Luke 14:1, 7-14. We all need to know our place. Unfortunately, we can spend so much time putting others in theirs. We all have a place, but it is not at the center of the universe. 

Christ’s parable in the Gospel, told to a people who were very sensitive about their position in social circles, allows us likewise to reflect on the virtue of humility. Yet, humility is paradoxically, a virtue that you cannot be deliberate in trying to attain. You cannot try to be humble; you cannot work on humility for it can easily become false humility. And even when you are humble without knowing it, someone often notices and are quick to mock.  A humble person often poses a threat to the arrogant. 

The virtue of true humility is the simple ability to be aware of the blessings God has given you and achievements that He has worked through you. Notice, the emphasis is God. Not me! All the talents we have, the good we do is God working through us for His purpose.  Humility, is first and foremost, towards God. 

If we are to take ownership for anything, let’s take ownership, first and foremost of our own sins, our shortcomings.  Acknowledging this first and foremost, we approach God each day, not out of pride, but humility, asking and allowing Him to work through us towards His goal. All He asks for is our collaboration, not for you or me to take charge. We are His servants. We are not His role models. 

If anyone is a role model to influence our thoughts and actions, it is not me or the person sitting in front or beside you. For all of us, it must be Christ- not the frozen picture or image of Christ that we have raised to a prominent place. Instead, to be influenced by how he lived his life, how he listened, noticed, what he said, how he reached out his helping healing hand to the weak and the vulnerable, and the attitude he had when the road he freely took lead him to the cross - the power of authentic and powerful humility. He did not say “Learn from each other”.  He said “Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart.”

To that end, let us disarm ourselves of any pride, arrogance or self importance as we prepare for His arrival at this sacred banquet. Only then can we respond to his invitation to approach the “high table”. For as Mary reminds us of God in her song of thanksgiving, “he casts the mighty from their thrones and raises the lowly.”  We should always. Know our place. 

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