Jul 15, 2018

Missionary Disciples

Mark 6:7-13

One of the unique charisms of St. Margaret's Parish is our door-to-door missionary disciples. During this past eight years, every week we have been sending forth parishioners, two by two, throughout our parish area. They have become, in effect missionaries, apostolic witnesses on behalf of Christ and his Church. They have walked every street and road in our parish and to date, they have knocked on the doors of at least 20,000 homes. 

I know some of you are here are at Mass because of an invitation to come back home maybe after many years away, or to begin afresh a search for God through the Church. I know that there are also a sizable number of military personnel and families who, like many new to the area, are happy to have found out about this local parish from a knock on the door, a postcard in your letterbox or from the invitation and efforts of a fellow Catholic (and that includes the guy who spent long hours designing and updating our parish website!)  

Each one of us are here because of the missionary discipleship and witness of someone else's efforts - from family, friends, and even strangers. And in doing so, whether explicitly realizing it or not, we are responding to what Christ asks of us in the Gospel we have heard today.  But, what about that last line, that tells us that the Twelve apostles "drove out many demons, and the anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them"? Have you done that recently in your own missionary work?

This is not simply about exorcisms and administering the "Last Rites"! Be it locally or around the world, the Christian witness is to always bring the healing power of the Lord.  Every year we invite an missionary to help us, not only to understand better how to be a Christian witness, but also how to cooperate with those whom we have sent forth to bring that healing spoken by Christ in Gospel we have listened to this Sunday, to the world. Often our missionary work begins from the base camp of the parish. Outside of our local door to for missionary work, many of us are familiar with our own parish missionary work further afield- the "St. Emiliani Project" with Deacon Chuck who facilitates missionary work in Columbia among the most neglected of children and orphans living in the peripheries of Medellin.

As part of the Missionary Cooperative Plan, I am happy to introduce Brigid Ponce from St. Michael's Parish in Poway, who is also serving as a local missionary in a different area of Colombia, but where the challenges to childhood and adult literacy often prevent family reading the scriptures, prayer books and evening writing a letter. Please welcome Brigid from St. Michael's to tell us more and how we can help in this grassroots missionary effort...  

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