Feb 12, 2017

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A child attempts to walk for the first time. In doing so, they must learn to cooperate with the laws of gravity and physics! A young person prepares for their driving test. They must know the laws of the road, but also the laws of courtesy and never to insist on the right of way.  Our respect for the just laws of our nation, are aimed towards helping us respect the dignity of each person, the expectation of hospitality and equality.

There are also laws written into the very fabric of nature that guard the essential foundation of human life itself, the nature of the human family, the role of the sexes, the responsibilities and expectation of married life and the duties of being a father or a motherhood.  

Within these relationships, we are also given the hidden law of conscience; an inner voice that longs to be guided in the direction that God’s eternal truth so that our choices will come to reflect the design of our Creator in all my relationships.

Through His Word, spoken to us through Christ and echoed through His Church, God also reveals a moral law to guide our basic relationships with each other - it is God's law of love, given to us to protect us from selfishness and the disorders of pride, lust, rage and jealousy.

God has given us particular laws of behavior, not to curtail our freedom, nor to punish us but instead to help build up and re-establish the right and balanced relationship we should have with him and one another.

Whereas the laws of the land, the laws of nature, even the laws of gravity can be harsh, uncompromising, even unforgiving, we can be tempted to always think that God's Law and His commandments are too high, to lofty. But let us never forget, God's Law of Mercy and Forgiveness. He makes allowances for our weaknesses and vulnerability. He never misses an opportunity to encourage us to preserve through the many battles we must often endure, especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  

But Christ would not expect of us anything He would not do himself. That’s why His words about the sacred bond of matrimony, for example, are not simply written words or laws. Christ defines the divine law of married love with every drop of His blood, His very life. Even though we have been unfaithful to him, He will never go back on His word to be faithful to us, even until death.  In short, He will never divorce Himself from us - He loves us in good times, and in back, in sickness and health, He loves us to death - the Law of Sacrificial Love after the manner of Christ himself.

May all our relationships and the sacrifices we too must make, point to and reflect the harmony God intends for all creation. And may His gentle law of love and mercy find a home in our lives reflecting the balance of all good things God has willed for us - for the salvation of our souls and the refreshment of all our relationships through Christ, our Lord.

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