Dec 7, 2016

Mary, Immaculately Conceived

You go to your mailbox. You carry back to your home a bundle of mail. Ruffling through it, you anticipate that maybe someone has actually written to you. From experience, we have learnt to quickly dismiss the computer generated ones directed to “The current resident of…”. But there might be a particular letter that actually has your name printed on it. It assures you in bold tellers, that you have been, for example, “Pre-Approved”. Really? Someone actually went out of their way to find out who you are and were so impressed with your history and life that, out of the generosity of their heart, they wanted to give you a gift that keeps on giving? But you read the small print, “Certain conditions apply!” In other words, jump through the hoops and prove you can be trusted and you might just get, if you are lucky, yet another credit card!

In this day of emails and text messages, what are the chances of finding an old fashioned letter penned by hand from an old friend or acquaintance, someone who actually sat down, and with pen and paper wrote you a real letter. Not typed or printed with a quick signature at the end, but in careful selective handwriting, in every word they were thinking about you - that their love, their joy and appreciation were infused into the very ink of their pen, threaded through every word, every comma, every exclamation mark.

Now put this into context from the perspective of God. Borrowing from the imagery St. Paul evokes in our Second Reading (Ephesians 1:36, 11-12), before time began, God who is perfect love, was dreaming of each one of us, seeing you and me through the lens of His divine purity and holiness. And what a beautiful vision it must have been.

In a way, God could not wait to write to us a personal love letter - His Word. He brought everything into existence just to send His Word to us - of how much He loves and delights in us - that I am truly pre-approved by Him!

Unfortunately, on our side of the letter box, because of the sin of Adam and Eve, we have grown suspicious of every word, every letter, every postcard and greeting that has come our way. We are not good at sorting it all out. But God’s love is eternally persistent.

From all eternity, along with us, He likewise dreamt of the Virgin Mary. As a love letter is so uniquely matched to its envelope, God’s Word would be sealed within her. And written through every immaculate cell of her body is a name and address -, along with her own is also yours and mine - it reads with my name, "Care of: Mother Mary the New Eve”.

Dear friends, know that God dreamt of you before the foundation of the world, created the whole universe to reach you, and sent you His loving Word, sealed within Mary and opened by her on behalf of all humanity.  Amid all the junk mail, text messages and emails that complete for our attention, seek out and listen to His Word, a handwritten love letter written personally by God to you and me through the very life of Christ our Lord.

And P.S.

As you listen to His Word, do not disregard His envelope! It still carries the full aroma of grace. Keep them both safe together! To Jesus, through Mary!

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