Nov 5, 2016

32 Sunday of Ordinary Time

With the clocks going back one hour, daylight saving time has ended! This means that our daily routine will have the benefit of some extra sunlight in the morning. We could do with it, especially around now! I think it's best to begin each day welcoming the gift of light and sunshine, rather than rising each morning, cursing the lingering darkness.  Dark mornings can sometimes be mistaken as an ominous sign - a kind of carrier of bad news. On the other hand, freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning always seems to appear a more refreshing sign of new life than a Sadducee’s pre-programed predictable pot of black coffee slowly stewing away in the darkness of a kitchen corner!

For the Christian, we can never become bored with a new day and the possibilities God invites us to discover. It can never simply be the monotonous repetition of the same-old yesterday. Maybe, that’s what Our Lord was hinting at when He said in today’s Gospel that the children of this present age, continually lend themselves to a pattern of simply getting married and then getting remarried, again and again - a kind of person who, easily unsatisfied and cringes at the first sign or hint of darkness, they simply repeat their lives over and over again, never open to surprises, new life, easily bored with the predictable, who dig themselves deeper and deeper into the same hole that will never see light, wasting away the gift of time, wasting life and opportunities God has in store for us each new day.

And we can be guilty of this - wasting too much time worrying about a tomorrow that will never come - worried too much about an election and forgetting that we are called to be the elect of heaven, worried too much about the state of our country and forgetting about the state of our souls, our relationships, worried too much about how the next four years will be and forgetting what one’s eternity might be.

At a time when our nation seems more divided than ever, and insults and fear-mongering have become like a new art of warfare, a Christian, while not ignoring the night they have left behind, or the valley of darkness we must at times pass through, we must also greet each new day (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, but especially when the sun rises on Wednesday morning !) as a gift.

And every time we anticipate that the sun will rise, a Christian can not let any gift of a new day begin with fear, anger or resentment. That is why the Lord’s voice in the Gospel we hear this Sunday is calling out to remind us that those “who are deemed worthy to attain to the coming age and to the resurrection of the dead...are the children of God because they are the ones who will rise.”  And rise to new life we must! May this Holy Mass, on the first day of the week, provide for us the strength of the Resurrected Body of Christ and food for the journey before us.

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